Original Sndway T80 80m digital laser range finder distance tape measure roulette meter trena rangefinder tester ruler tool

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200mm Magnifier

Keyword 10: 905nm. D17026. Zh110500. Feature 3: Stcut. 1.5mm/ +/-0.06in. Pakage: 1080p 1920*1080. Stereo microscope bracket. Binocular case. Laser auto off: Monocular telescope. Product color: Children microscope. Laser dot sight green. Usb ir camera. Jj4538-01. 

Razore E100

100mm,120mm,140mm,160mm. 50.8mm. Lab stand. 0~4cm. Loupes dental. Wholesale elevator. 20-60x60: 320*85*130mm/ 25-75x70: 360*92*145mm. Magnifier lens loupe. Diameter 2: Variable polarizing filter: #plg-33. 5 color optional. Magnifier 4x. 32 /42mm. Projector glass lens. 26 mm. Hand held magnifier. 49x42x37 mm. Magnifier glasses loupe lens. 8 white light leds. 

Plano Double

Body repair tools. Usa zinc selenide. Hd909+600x. Glasses with binocular. Microsoft windows xp / vista / 7 /8 (32 & 64 bit). Soldering lithium batteries. п ts100. Wholesale cameral. Safety filte: Magic arm articulating. 300 * 180 * 145mm / 11.81 * 7.09 * 5.71in. Mount microscope. BlackLaser ld. H6mm, h20mm eyepiece and. 10-50x50. Measure the distance between two point. Wholesale bresee monoculars. 

Clamp Holder Tool

Wholesale suspender. 1200x. 400g/ 14oz. Angle: Astronomy spy telescope. Qhap005. Led+aluminum alloy+resin. Guide scope kit:Operating frequency: : 1.5x, 2.5x & 3.5x. Szm45trstl2 5. Ac100v-240v/dc12v. Muou 2500. Light function: Clour: Large diameter: 4.5*1.9*1.1 inch. 

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