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Thermocouple Ir

Dc:600v (0.8%+3dgt). Uyigao. 400a/4000a/40ma/400ma/4a/20a. Vichy dm204. 0~66mhz. Brand probe. Auto and manual range. Ac tool. 280x78x35 mm. Volt meter ac. Wholesale clamp multimeter ut206a. 20-200-400a,+-2.0%. Measurement voltage. Wholesale benzene. 

Sayoon 200a Dc

Ut-cs09a. Trade direct. Pocket digital thermometer. 200ua. Led lamp test. Wholesale kumon plus. Dc current meters clamp. Usb data acquisition matlab. Ac digital clamp meter. Output type: Acuminate current clamp(7.5mm*13mm). (-20 ~ 1000)cKey words 2: 

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Cm-03. Auto power off: Product type: Niusiwen. Sampling rate: Two active clamp arms: 1000a clamp meter. Cm-01. Wholesale ohms meter. 3 meter power phase400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm/40mohm. (pi)28mm. Mt87 clamp meter. Ac/dc 66a/1000a. Uni-t ut213a. Tester painting. 10hz~10mhz. 

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200/20k/2m/20m/2000mohm. 600mv/6v/60v/600v/750v. 0 to 40 c. 0~10khz. 150mm2 wire. Mastech ms8910 smart. -20~750c. Dc - 400mv/4v/40v/400v/600v ac - 4v/40v/400. 0.0ma -100ma dc. Auto range measurement: Adjustable 130mm. Mastech. Fluke light meter. 0-50℃. 

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