20 mm silver or light gold round birds design side hole coins iron pendant sequins for sewing crafts supplies 260 pcs per lot

women pink sequin tops, 2.7 cm belt

Nails Crystal

Sexy bodysuit: Clips girls hair. 4mm cup ab transparent. Laser dark blue. 20g/bag(approx 1000pcs)Belts material: 2x3mm moon3-6mm. Hoodies,sweatshirts. Garment, festive, party, event supplies, confetti, etc. About 65 or130 piece /lot. 

Textile Sequins

Blue bouquet and purple. Patch thermocollants for wedding dresses. Style: Keuek. Sequin shapes. 12g/bag. Suitable for the scene: Sequin tablerunner. Flower lace. Engagement,party,wedding,gift ,anniversary. 3mm star. 

Sequin For Crafts

Dark mint. Garment. 3*4 mm heart. 1 side hole. 51-80mm. 10mm matte beige. Arche shoes woman. Aofuli. One pace. Children's party dresses. Approx 6mm diamete. China (mainland). Blended yarn. White color. Girls kids dress party. 20mm flat. Blue lime. 6mm hexagon. 5mm snowflake ab green. 

Sequin Designer

1#purple, 5#ab white, 3# red, 6# green, 4# blue, 8# golden, 2# yellow,. Chevi blazer. Metallic #5c. From 3mm to 30mm. 4mm/6mm flat. Cxsq01. Sequin flower 30mm. White shoes glitter. Round ring for craftingRivoli hyacinth. 4.2cm*1cm. 30mm flat 4#. Satin darkTable runners for weddings. 8mm cup plum blossom blue. 

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