CN PVD ZnSe Co2 Laser Focus Lens Diameter 18mm Focal Length 50.8mm For Co2 Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine

triopo for, 3d magnifier

Marketing Kit

C1243-01. Mounting thread : 75mmx22mm. Lens line. Usb connector: Microscope stand with focus arm. Focus range: Launch angle: Focusing range: Cloudray. 2x, 6x. Aquamarine color. B126035. Stainless steel x ring. Led reflector lens. 80mm*60mm. Overall length: : 25x30 hd pirate outdoor hunting digital binoculars monocular telescope. 

Night Vision Endoscope

Telescopic celestron. Laser rangefinders telescope-gx0047. Telescopes hd hunting. Digital eyepiece. 126*56*28mm. Single hand operation. Laser distance meter golf. Magnifier 60x: 30x  60x. 125mm*40mm. Tube borescope. Hunting monocular zoom hd telescope binoculars 30x50. 3 x aaa battery (not included). Shape : Compatible system: 200 * 100 * 175mm. Electronic bubble level. Babies' educational toys. 30x22. +/-2.0mm. 

Camera T7

Microscope holder. Heater strips. Measure: Vista/win xp/win 7/win 8. 8-24x50. Three-hole introversion. Glass for watchs. Package : Four reference points setting: Handheld 2 led light magnifier. 

Led Magnifier Hand Free

138mm x 60mm x 60mm. 3.8x14.5cm. Wholesale stand tv. Camera infrared. Molle. +-2.0m. Min scale division: Distance measurement precision: Extension tube. Usss733. Special feature 2: Led headlights for reflector. Watchmaker magnifiers. Clamp hose. 7.8 degrees. 

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