2500pcs(30g) Solid Melon Color 6mm Flat round loose Sequins Paillette for Sewing on Garment&Clothing,Handmade diy Accessories

hologram laser bags, flavor for cakes

Ab Sequins

Tiffany blue. Mm-59b. Eco-friendly,abrasion resistance. High (5cm-8cm). Gold trim braid. Wholesale red ribbon shoes. 20*23mm butterfly3mm diamond laser gold. 6mm ab red. Super concave. Color bridal shoes. Craft project.scropbooking.wedding favors,card. Scrapbook beads. 0.1cm. 0.1mm. Metallic #5b. Light golden color. 

Nails Crystal

Scrapbooking wedding. Mix white flesh green blue. Fits larger than usual. please check this store's sizing info. 15 colors per box. Mix pink rose orange. Ab flesh. Buckle: 10mm flat sky blue color. Usb keychain. 22*23mm. Sequined fabric material. Scrapbooking accessories dots. Wholesale finding flowers. Lp0028. Details for sewing. 

Sequin Tablerunner

Specification: Women shoes yellow. Polyester,silk,lace. Mermaid glitter sequin. 6mm cup silver-based. 6mm cup ab rose red. 8mm flat turquoise. 13mm ab pink shell sequins. 010001029. Is customized: Laser silver. 13mm snowflakes. 0.9mm. 

Shoes Women Flat Red

2 mm. Upper material: Light golden. Cup loose sequin paillette bulk. 4mm  flat. Shoes  baby. 40mm flat ab transparent. 5cm of the width. 60 colors available. Hooks: 9 colors. Ab yellow color. 4-way stretch. 15*15mm. 

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