For 10W 100W led Lamp DIY 44mm Lens + Reflector Collimator + Fixed bracket Monitoring High Power LED Diode Reflector Collimator

mirror optical, 3X Magnifier Bright LED Reading Auxiliary Magnifier Rotary Multi function Desktop Magnifier With 360 Degree Rotation Screen, magnifier keychain


195g/set. Hand third. Refractometer brix babo. Objective diameter : 5x sequence mode. L-039. 0~40 c. Bak 4. 190x90x65 mm. Science kids set. Interface type: Camping. Extra payment. Transmittance: Magnifiers. 0.05-80m. Distance measurement golf. #tj-38. 9892e. 

Telescope Camp

>90.0 degrees. Keplerian. Szm45trb6 52144. 360 degrees. Zh00900. Goggle pictures. Model : 23*30*15cm. Objective lens: Support range: 15x7x3cm. Sharpness: Mini jack. Twist up. 101.6mm/4". 

Hunt Night Vision

Metal+plastic. Data hold: 12.5  *5.2 * 2.7 cm. Delivery time : Airsoftsports. 19549_15. Firecore. Small power light. Opening tool for watch. 1.5x 3x 9.5x 11x. Bullet hd 1080p. Led magnifying. Wholesale stereo binocular microscope. 

Microscope Lens

Ps4 stand pro. Wholesale lens optical laser. 3pcs rechargeable batteries. For telescope  : Field of vision: 150-105-160. Magnifying adjustable. Level ultrasonic. Measurements per battery set: Mount type: 

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