Round Cup Loose Sequin Paillette for Shoe,Bag,Clothing/Frosted #M1/Bulk Wholesale

Wholesale size dresses, 15mm pvc

Turquoise Jewelery

Halojaju. Focallure fa40Wedding magazines. Cp0810. Winter. Day clutches. Treatment process: 00120. 1320/1330. About 8000 piece. 

Wholesale Laser Sequin

Sleeveless. Light plum. 28inch. B47922. Mix rose white pink. Sequin navy. Kitchen  accessories. Paney quin. 12*14mm. 5 colors. Junao-laser sequins. 30mm flat 6#. Lucky clover. Wholesale bellydance hipscarf. Embellished ribbon trim. Brand name: Hair pins. 20mm flat 08. 100g decoration sequinsShorts. 

Star Sneaker

Nail sequins. 10mm sequins paillettes. Zinc alloyJerkbait. 10mm flower. Dark purple color. 100 yard sequin in rolls. 010001017B38422. 10x34mm stick. Accessories embroidery. Women clothing : Acrylic rhinestones sewing on crafts : 

Red Confetti

Blended. Wine best. Chain type: Hot shoe fixing. Bags,garment. 20mm of the width. Marious. Square 7mm. Throw pillows. Wholesale orange 6mm. Hole back bags. 1460 shoes. 4&6mm. Metallic fish. Red fabric string. Table runner. Moccasin shoe design. 

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